Trip to Nandi Hills

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We left from various part of Bangalore on 26th July 2015. I left from Kasturinagar at around 7:15 AM. We met in Hebbal ( Close to Esteem Mall ). I had traveled in bike ( Unicorn Dazzler ) and the remaining people came in car( Skoda Rapid ). Our next stop was at Krishna Sagar which is a famous hotel before the Airport. We saw so many bikers, cyclers on the way 😀 . Hopefully, we would be able to cycle once some day.

We reached Nandi Hills around 9:30-10:00 AM. The scenery was just brilliant. It was very windy in general. We spent around an hour and then visited the temple. We left around 1:15 PM. On the way back we stopped in Green Land Dhaba. We got so many varieties of starters. They served slowly but the food was good. After lunch, we left around 3:20 PM. We got caught in the rain on the way back 😛 .We could not get any cover as we were on the bridge. We stopped as we got cover. We left as soon as the rain subsided. Reached home by 4:45 PM. Nandi Hills is around 65KM from Kasturinagar.

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  1. Sumil says : Reply

    A really nice article. Even i went there last winter on bike. Being our first time the experience was awesome. The return was a bit back breaking though on bike.
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