Bangalore to Boulder

by / Thursday, 06 August 2015 / Published in Travel

The British Airways Flight was scheduled at 7:30 AM. It would go to London (Heathrow) and there is a connecting flight to Boulder from London after 2-3 hours. I reached the Airport by 4:00AM. My friends were already at the airport. I felt happy as well as sad. It was the first time I was going away from home. I was always a day scholar.
I was traveling along with my roommate Saurabh.

It took almost an hour or so for checking in the bags at the airport. The checking in bags of 23Kgs were slightly over 23 Kgs and they did not have a problem with it. The hand baggage could not fit in the gauge and hence they asked if I was ok with it going along with the check in bag but they never mentioned about it being free :P, so I refused. I removed a book which I carried in the hand baggage and I could stuff the bag inside the gauge. They scared me by telling that they won’t be responsible if in the next airport I face issue because of the bigger size of the baggage for which I told it is fine. FYI : I never faced any issue anywhere after this 😀

The flight left as planned at 7:30 AM. In the next 10 hours I was in London but then I had officially spent only 4 hours and 30 minutes because of the time different. Later we had the next flight to Denver leave after a dealy of 30 minutes because there were so many flights waiting for take-off. Reached Denver on time ( around 7:00 PM ). It is bright even in the evening @Denver/@Boulder. Immigration clearing took almost 30 minutes. The checking backs were opened to check if there was any food. I had only packed food so there was no issues as such. Nothing was removed and then we met the senior Ashwin who had come to pick us up. We stayed in Cavalier Apartments for a day before we moved into Brookside apartments the next day.

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