High Performance Computing Symposium ( RMACC )

by / Wednesday, 12 August 2015 / Published in RMAAC 2015, Symposium

Attended a 3 day Symposium in High-Performance Computing ( RMACC )

It was a well-organized session. We had various topics of discussion starting from MPI, OpenMPI, Apache Spark, Pandas, Linux, Big Data Analysis, etc. The topics were very interesting and has given me a new insight about High-Performance Computing. Back in India we only talk about Big Data / Hadoop but here they talk more about HPC. There is a Super Computer by the name Janus in Boulder which are shared among various universities. Students can get access to the Super Computer if they have a valid reason of why they need it.

There were various Companies which sponsored and spoke about their product. To name a few, it included Nvidia, Intel, HP, Mellanoux, Cray etc.. I always thought that Infiniband was patented technology of Oracle since I had never heard it outside Oracle. Just realized today that there are many other companies using Infiniband to obtain speeds of 40 Gbps. Some companies even displayed the hardware rack that is used.

Overall, it was a very useful symposium which gave quick insights into the field of High-Performance Computing. As a student, I was encouraged to explore the field of HPC as well 😀


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