Test System / Question-Answering System

by / Sunday, 17 January 2016 / Published in Uncategorized

I have many friends back in India who are planning to start an educational institute who wanted to create a website to make it easier for students to take exams online. There is a professor too who teaches in a tuition who wanted to have a website to have CET questions and answers posted on a website. From a developers perspective both of them could be integrated into a single module.During the course of next 2-3 months, I plan to build a question-answering system from scratch using MEAN stack as I am more comfortable with it.

Myself and a friend of mine (Saurabh) had plans to build a similar system during Fall holidays. We implemented the login system. We had part of the UI developed. Will probably continue from there. The basic implementation code is available on GitHub.

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